ServicesArchcomm provides exceptional telecommunication services that can get your new or existing tower sites operating quickly and in full compliance. Typical project management would include:

  • Site Survey – Assess requirements for site construction and conduct site surveys
  • Order for Services (OFS) Review- Review and verify that OFS accurately describes actual work requirements
  • ¬†Deliverables – Get an agreement with customers and contractors on deliverables. The deliverables may include survey reports, tower structural analysis, permits, as-built drawings, ground certifications, concrete certifications, construction photos, etc
  • ¬†Project Review – Review tasks and expectations with contractors. Review progress periodically and provide feedback to contractors and other project stakeholders
  • Coordination – Coordinate with all appropriate teams. They include customers, contractors, vendors of materials and equipment, and other stakeholders
  • Inspection – Inspect during various construction phases and verify that contractors follow specifications and design guidelines and that quality of execution is excellent

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